About the Charter Business

Greg and Allisha Hilliard began running charters in 2012 when they started up their business, Fully Tek Marine.
The company began when they purchased and rebuilt their 28 foot Kingston Seasport. Greg and Allisha are
active scuba divers and have always had a passion for being on and in the water.

Fully Tek Marine offers a wide range of charters:
• Dive charters
• Exploration (side scanning, etc)
• Tours

We are a fully mobile operation with our primary area of operation being Southeastern Lake Huron.

Some of the wreck sites we visit include:
• Wexford (Recreational - Lake Huron)
• Province (Recreational - Lake Huron)
• Yakima (Recreational - Lake Huron)
• Sachem (Recreational - Lake Huron)
• Bright's Grove Wreck (Recreational - Lake Huron)
• Charles Price (Recreational - Lake Huron)
• City of Sheyboygan (Recreational - Lake Ontario)
• Katie Eccles (Recreational - Lake Ontario)
• Frontenac (Recreational - Lake Ontario)
• Douglas (Recreational - Lake Ontario)
• Olive Branch (Recreational - Lake Ontario)
• Annie Falconer (Recreational - Lake Ontario)
• China (Recreational - Lake Ontario)
• Ocean Wave (Technical - Lake Ontario)
• Point Petre Wreck I (Technical - Lake Ontario)
• Point Petre Wreck II (Technical - Lake Ontario) 
• Manasoo (Technical - Georgian Bay)
• Jones (Technical - Georgian Bay)

The vessel is certified to operate anywhere on the Great Lakes. This allows the flexibility to accommodate any expedition or project.

If you have a spot you want to check out, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always looking for new sites to explore!

The Planet Express

The Planet Express is a 28 Foot Kingston Seasport constructed from rugged commercially built welded aluminum and houses a 350 horse power inboard engine that provides 20 knot cruising speeds.

On board the Planet Express there is a large back deck, benches, walk through transom, swim platform, and a diver friendly ladder, in addition to there being a covered cabin with enclosed head.

The Planet Express is equipped with state of the art communication and navigation equipment. It is fitted with redundant DSC VHF radios as well as redundant navigation systems, an on board fire detection system, 15 person self-inflating life raft, as well as all required lifesaving equipment.

The Planet Express meets or exceeds all Transport Canada Safety standards.

Charters and Trips

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