Open Water Scuba Diver - $550

                       • Classroom and pool time
                       • SDI Open Water Scuba Diver Manual and associated SDI Knowledge Quest Book
                       • Gear rental for pool sessions (excludes mask, snorkel, fins and weight belt)
                       • Open Water check out dive instruction
About The Course
The SDI - Open Water Scuba Course is split into 2 parts:
  1. Confined Water (12 hours over 1 or 2 weekends) - Includes classroom instruction to learn the basic principles of scuba diving and in water pool time to learn basic scuba skills.
  2. Open Water (1 weekend)- Includes 4-5 open water dives at a specific dive location. Will take place over an entire weekend

What You Will Need
In the SDI - Open Water Diver course, you learn to use basic scuba gear, including a mask, snorkel, fins, regulator, buoyancy control device and a tank. The equipment you wear varies, depending upon whether you’re diving in tropical, temperate or cold water.

For the course, you will be required to have your own mask, snorkel, fins and weight belt. All other gear will be provided during the confined water sessions.

Additional cost
• Accommodations for open water check out dives
• Gear rental for open water check out dives
• Log Book (will need in order to log check out dives)

Private Lessons
Fully Tek Marine offers courses that are designed to fit your life. Whether you want one-on-one instruction, want to to learn as a couple or just don't feel comfortable taking a group course, we can provide private lessons in order to accommodate your schedule or learning preference! Our SDI instructors are flexible and are willing to provide any additional accommodations you may need!

Guide Service
Unsure about a new site or don't have a dive buddy? Fully Tek Marine offers the chance to dive with an experienced SDI Instructor that is familiar with dive sites across the Great Lakes Region. All of our instructors have their own insurance and will be there to help you get the most out of your dive.

Scuba Refresher
If you haven't dove in awhile or just want to freshen up your scuba skills, Fully Tek Marine can have one of our experienced staff instructors help you out. We offer flexible options, whether it be practicing skills in a pool, getting out and doing an easy dive in a shallow quarry or having an instructor guide you on a new dive site, we will work with you to make sure you are comfortable and going forward ready to dive on your own with a buddy.

Specialty and Professional Courses

Fully Tek Marine offers a wide range of specialty and professional courses for that scuba diver looking to enhance their skills and expand their knowledge.

Technical Courses

Continue your adventure with extended range and technical courses offered by Fully Tek Marine.

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